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Do you want us to remove a post from Ravetune?
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Step-by-step instructions for removing a post from Ravetune.

Ravetune respects copyright holders’ rights and will collaborate with them to ensure that infringing material is removed from our administration.

All records we transfer are screened to ensure that no copyrighted material is transferred. If you believe a document infringes on your copyright or the copyright of someone you address, please use this page to notify us.

Ravetune will respond to “any takedown requests” that comply with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other relevant protected innovation laws.

If you believe that a record we transferred to ravetune.com infringes on your copyright, please contact the email address below to present a request with a link to the infringing material(s) on Atoztune.

Please contact us at dmca@ravetune.com.

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